The welfare state creates burdens on innocent taxpayers. Center cities are concentrations of the lower classes because lacking sufficient money they need low cost housing. Progressives, unable to solve actual problems but trying to show they are clever enough to solve them place all cities at the center of their unhelpful unhelpfullness and make things worse for everyone. Baltimore is the current example but most large cities have the fuel to ignite the fires of rebellion.

Freddie Gray is not an example of how the police are not to be trusted. The police arrest people. That’s their job. They are not supposed to make friends because friends don’t arrest friends. When police become friendly the possibility of bias creeps in which wrongly influences justice.

The police don’t need friends, they need Impartial Civilian Controllers.

One wonderful aspect of America is the civilian control of police. Tens of thousands of police departments are controlled by tens of thousands of civilians thus eliminating the problem with all central government control of the police. The USTASHE; the SS; the SA are horrible police forces that answered to the powers of central government making it easy to arrest people for political reason.
The impartiality of the police is the essence of American Justice.

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