In the biography “Barack Obama: The Story”, author David Maraniss found lots of secrets kept from the public about the President, some which should put the President on a psychiatrist’s couch, much like the book “Bush On The Couch” did to President Bush, with the difference that the media is in cahoots with the President so that’s not going to happen.

But, lets not be so quick to whitewash Barack Obama’s psyche. He’s far from normal in part because he was sent to the elite schools that are mostly off-limits to most Americans. That alone puts him, clearly, above most Americans but there is so much more to the pathology. He was sent to Punahou School.

Punahou School is among the absolute top college prep schools with tuition at $270,000 for K-12 but the Prez didn’t pay. Affirmative Action did, just as AA helped Michelle at Princeton as well as Barack at Oxy, Columbia and Harvard Law. The records remain sealed, the subterfuge continues.

Nothing intellectually odd about the President’s education but hold on. He changed his story on several important points which of course puts other points in question.
Obama was a great student. Nothing in school gave him much of a problem. Frankly, it was far easier for him than most other students.

His life’s journey is fascinating. Black father; white mom. Father abandoned him. Grandmother raised him. That’s the legacy of the Progressives who literally fight against normal families because they want government to rear the kids. Makes them more obedient to authority but Obama didn’t have obedience problems. Too clever. He usually got around them for example by staying out of the eyes of law enforcement in his “Choom Gang”, the marijuana smokers at Punahou.

But his childhood was troubled with identity problems because of his black-white parents. He fixed that by denying his whiteness. Of course he couldn’t deny his blackness, could he?

Well, yes he could. In Indonesia, a place that has 300 different ethnic groups race divisions are well accepted. He could have adapted truthfully instead of by denying his whiteness. As he reached higher levels of maturity he could have been honest with himself as well as with America but he dug his anger into deeper spirals of rage. Too bad. A man with his nature could have done much more but the pathology of the man riveted him into a predictable paradigm. We are all worse off for him.

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