If elected President she should spend her time in jail because of the underhandedness of her and her husband. Liars. Professional, Industrial Strength Liars who helped Putin corner the worldwide Uranium markets in Kazakhstan, Congo, Canada and South Africa. America’s Loss, Russia’s Gain. Russia and The Clinton’s who brokered the deal. These are not run of the mill Bonnie and Clyde’s. These are Military Grade Traitors to America. Uranium, as you know is needed to make thermonuclear bombs.

The latest expose of Hillary is: Peter Schwitzer’s book “Clinton Cash”. The above “deal” aka. sellout is explained. It’s ugly.

But taking 30,000 emails home with her might not have violated the rules of the Department of State although it probably did. Deleting them on purpose comes under the heading of “destroying evidence”. This woman has a criminal mind, worse than Bernie Madoff. These two are bad for America. they are bad for the world at large. Essentially, they are bad people.

One of the most damning articles in existence was Monica’s blue dress. Without that Bill Clinton’s lies about not having sex with that woman might have been believed. Without an intact Bill Clinton, Hillary would not have been elected Senator or appointed Secretary of State here she should have stopped her husband from essentially selling their influence to Russia.

Hillary is a political animal although political is probably less important than calling her a criminal animal. Bad Hillary.

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