The Requiem For America started with idiots who made laws to reward deviants. Baltimore is proof that America has changed for the worst and is getting worse.

Better America is being attacked from without by Islam and from within by a combination of dumb and black people who think like criminals while being applauded by the deranged. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, an overpaid black activist, is an example of the takeover of America by bigots. Switch those nouns and adjectives around. It makes no difference in the march into the ovens of Auschwitz by stupid people who oppress those around them and exhort them to run, don’t walk to the showers. Note: you just read some metaphors. More are coming.

Baltimore is proof the inmates are in charge of the Asylum that’s led by a nut in the White House. The Tea Parties petered out after one march. They’re befuddled.

Of course there’s no law against being dumb. Accidents of birth happen but why are the worst running the show? Why is a criminal like Al Sharpton (it’s against the law to not pay your taxes unless you are Al Sharpton), a member of the most favored bunch of deviants in history. No, it’s not Rappers although they have Most Favored Deviant status. They are imitated by idiots.

The Baltimore Sun reported: “When charges were announced Friday against Alicia White for the death of Freddie Gray, her phone started buzzing from journalists and bail bondsmen.*

The problem was, they were calling the wrong Alicia White. The elementary school cafeteria manager from East Baltimore was not the Baltimore Police sergeant charged with manslaughter in the high-profile police custody death – even though court records listed her.

The middle initial was off. Her address, her height, her weight, her driver’s license number – all of the information was my client’s information,” said Jeremy Eldridge, an attorney who says he has been hired by the resident.

“Her life has been a living hell the past four days,” he said.

An attorney for Lt. Brian Rice said his client’s information was also entered incorrectly when prosecutors filed charges, but declined further comment.

On Friday evening, Tammy and Brian Rice of Brunswick, Md. said they were receiving multiple calls from reporters looking for the lieutenant. Brian Rice of Brunswick is a plumber, they said.

“When Miss Mosby stood up in front of the world with her theatrics at her press conference last Friday she charged two of the wrong people. Now, when I say she charged two of the wrong people, I don’t mean she charged two of the wrong officers. I mean she charged the wrong people. Innocent people. Of the six police officers that were charged two of them were charged under the wrong names, the wrong dates of birth and the wrong addresses.

“The enemies of America are neither Atheists nor Believers. The enemies of America are not Bigots or Racists. (The correct name for black people who hate white people is “BIGOT”. The name for white people who hate black people is: “RACIST”.) The enemies of America are not Democrats or Republicans. With a few, a vanishing few who grasp what’s going on exceptions it’s all of the above. It’s ISIS. It’s all religions. It’s all Atheists. It’s all races.

There’s no longer an expectation that things are going to get better says Norm Chomsky. Even a chowder-head like Chomsky gets that.

Chris Stigall doesn’t. He believes he can shut-up people who oppose his positions, all of which he will proudly tell you are based on his version of what he calls his religion.

The America of the Founding has gone, replaced by a series of actions by bigots like Mosby, Obama, Holder and Sharpton designed more to punish than protect innocent Americans and most people affected by the bigotry are befuddled. Bye Bye.

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