Ayaan Hirsi Ali blasts Ilhan Omar over call to remake US, says ‘I don’t think we need a revolution’… “Why flee from Mogadishu, why flee from anarchy, why flee from oppression — and then come to the United States and do all your best to turn Minnesota and the U.S. into Mogadishu?”

Ali continued. “It’s one of the things I’d like to ask her.” “I don’t think we need a revolution, I think what we have — the American Declaration [of Independence], the American Constitution, American values — our system gives us the tools to address social injustice, to address inequality, to address all the issues we face,” she said. “And I think these movements — and Ilhan is just one of these people symbolizing that — I think we need to resist and to say, ‘Look, you’ve come to America in search of freedom, you’ve come to America in search of equality, we find it here. Our system is not perfect, we can fix it and we do it through conversations.’

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