The Northampton Water and Sewer Authority should be closed. The people and the services at the Water and Sewer building should be brought back to the Township building.  The Water and Sewer Building is un-necessary. It should never have been built. It’s a symbol of an out of touch, uncaring, arrogant, sneering local government. It should be destroyed because government cannot be trusted to put empty buildings to good use.  It’s like giving a whiskey still to an alchoholic.

All of the Water and Sewer board members should resign. The Authority is easily the most corrupt part of a very corrupt gang of people who have been stealing money from the citizens and using it for political gain.  See some of the stories about the chaos, corrpution and self-dealing on this website and in other places.

The corruption is pretty simple to track. The GOP Supervisors move the services off of the township books so the tax increases don’t have to be considered taxes. The higher taxes become bills to the homewner. Seperate bills for taxes doesn’t make the taxes go away. Also, fees are charged for water, sewer, trash, licenses and permits. All those seperate charges need to be combined to find the true total tax. It’s deception. It’s a set of tricks. It’s wrong and it brings in even more money for the government and leaves people less of their own money.

The bottom line is that the people shouldn’t have to pay so much but the use of deception keeps up the swindles.


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