“A Day That Will Live in Infamy” was used by President Roosevelt to describe the December 7, 1941 sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. The 36 Republican committeepeople and their kiss-ups on/with the Northampton Republican Committee directed a sneak attack on me on May 8, 2012. The 45 to 1 odds seem about equal, maybe against the committee a bit. The question “why?” is easy to answer. I’ve been exposing their practices. They don’t like the sunshine.

On Election Day they put up signs that attacked me personally. The Chairman sent out lying, vicious, duplicitous, letters and post cards. He had to because he couldn’t attack my positions on the issues. I’ve been right and they’ve been wrong for the past ten years on so many issues about the township and the tactics they supported like: Pay-to-Play; lying to a grand Jury; hiding the records of county employees who worked for the party inside the courthouse and during election campaigns; hiding the township 537 plan; giving a large developer a large construction project free of charge; dumping large boulders in Pine Run Creek thereby destroying streambanks and then, despicibably, blaming a citizen; failing to address the poison in the Traymore water, a failure so severe that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection had to force the township to correct the problem; just as the DEP had to order sewers to be installed in Traymore because the twp leaders refused to protect the people there; I warned them their Pay-To-Play candidate would lose the election to the Democrats; I told them some ORDINANCES were unconstitutional, – they refused to listen so I sued them…twice,.. in Federal Court and won; twice; they decided to ban the citizens from attending Republican committee meetings; they kicked out the citizens; they refused to video the Sewer Board meetings because of the dumb and wrong decisions; they defaced and stole my political signs, hundreds of them over the years; because they refuse to follow the rules and like to sneak around them; they refuse to sign their names on their political signs, the cowards; they refused to appoint me to boards and authorities because I’d have access to the secret information; …. the list is long and it continues. I freely admit figuring out what they failed to do or what they did that was wrong. They were troubled by my activities. They should have taken the good advice.

Instead, the entire Northampton Republican Committee and it’s hanger’s-on, declared war against one Republican – me. They mention my name on their childish website. They think like little kids. Their website shows it. They don’t have the political sense to attack the opposition. Instead they attack Republicans like me and other private citizens, by name on the “kidsite”.

The Chairman of the NRC sent out a series of lies before the election accusing me of some preposterous things. One high elected official supported his nonsense. (Others, people who know my opponent, refused to endorse him.) Why? How about because of the money? I hope the committee votes him out. Their irrationality, meanness and poor judgment helps the opposition. They are too dumb to figure out something that simple.  

I’m a Republican but not a Republican who goes along with the corruption. So they NRC declared war against me. They deserve it.

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