It’s the great robbery of November 2011 by the outgoing GOP Deon-Komolasky-Silver adminstration. They helped arrange the theft of $1.8 million from the citizens of Northampton.

Here’s how they did it.

They hid the truth about the deal. Kept it out of the record. They must have thought, corrently as it turned out that the people wouldn’t like to pay $1.8 million, get nothing in return then find out their $1.8 million was given to someone else to use. So Komelasky and Silver hid the truth until after the November, 2011 election. Hiding the truth is just another way to lie. 

They told us at the October 2011 Water Authority board meeting that the sewers near the Leehurst Farm were in bad shape. Funny, because they were built in 2005, mostly by Hovanian Builders at a cost of about $3.5 million to Hovanian. The story about problems was a lie. There was no mention of problems until they needed a story to cover-up the $1.8 million for installing a special 2 1/2 mile pressurized sewer pipe for the Leehurst Farm development then charging the citizens for the new sewer line. They told us the problems with the sewer line had been going on for some time but that was another lie. There was no record of the problems.

None of the GOP supervisors said the facts were wrong. They knew the facts above were correct so they attacked Frank Rothermel, me, Rodger Bushnell and Joe Carney instead of refuting the facts. They used the fee system to steal another $1.8 million from the people.

These are disgusting people. At the Board of Supervisors meeting Nov. 16 a citizen said he had a gift for outgoing Supervisor Vince Deon. Look at the replay of the meeting to find out about the gift and to see the childish behaviors of the three GOP supervisors who worked out a way to give a $1,8 million benefit to a big developer by taking the money from the people.  They lied about the need for the new line. Lying is how a lot of money has been taken from the people of Northampton. These people have no shame.

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