Here’s the address presented to the Water Authority in person last night.

On this day, [PAUSE] 

Seventy years ago  [PAUSE]

the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, [PAUSE]

A Day that will live in infamy.

This year in Northampton [PAUSE]

another day that will live in infamy  [PAUSE]

occurred when this board improperly used its coercive monopoly power and demanded the citizens pay $1.8 million dollars [PAUSE]

to construct a pressurized sewer [PAUSE]

for Toll Brothers.

What disgraceful activities.

Because of those reasons I believe [PAUSE] I call on this board to resign [PAUSE]


I believe everyone connected with the idea that the community should pay $1.8 Million to benefit Toll is not protecting the citizens.

That includes the lawyer, the engineer and the Executive Director.

You all should resign. Send a letter of resignation to the chairman of the Board of Supervisors. [PAUSE]

You should also understand how your actions went against the Republican party in Northampton. Because of your actions the Republican Party has lost control of Northampton. Because of you actions the Republican voters rejected the incumbent supervisor and because of your actions the Republican party lost control of Northampton. You should resign because part of the reason for the Republican loss is the demand from this infamous Republican board that the citizens pay $1.8 million for Toll’s benefit.


The demand for $1.8 million from helpless citizens is enough reason for you all to resign but there are more reasons. One is all of the lies you told at the November meeting. You said the 12,000 foot sewer was needed to fix a problem but that fix was not included in any past or future plans. You said the manholes covers had been blowing off but there is no record of that happening in the affected areas.  You said the pump needed to be upgraded but instead of being upgraded it’s being doubled in capacity. That’s hardly and upgrade. That’s a replacement with a pump twice as powerful as the present pump. That’s like upgrading a Chevrolet with a dump truck. And I was told another lie. I was told there was no loss forecast for 2011 but the budget clearly shows the $5 million plus loss.  

You have broken the public’s trust. You should resign. You have lied to the public. You should resign. You are taking money from the people because

you have monopoly control over the sewer system of Northampton.

You have created a Northampton day that will live in infamy.

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