Here are my remarks to the Board of Supervisors 11/16/2011

Hello Northampton Township.

This is a LAME DUCK MEETING. It’s almost an improper meeting.

A new board with a very different moral code was created by the election last Tuesday. The Rose Administration is on its way in.


So the majority here tonight should respect the wishes of the people and not pass anything because the people want someone else in charge.

The people crossed over party lines and voted against the majority on this board.

The people have spoken. This board should respect the will of the people and not pass anything unless it is a 5 to zero vote. Why work against the will of the people?

Look. Whatever you do tonight can be undone in January which is a few weeks away. Why continue to go against wishes of the people of Northampton?

For years that’s been going on and last week the people spoke loud and clear.

Clear out. ________________________________________________________________________

 Last week I thought I’d see what’s involved with getting public water in my home. The Authority gave me a sheet listing the charges and it costs $3,083 in fees to connect to the public water system.


Why do they need the money? Last week Tom Zuener wrote a letter to all the residents that said the authority has $4.8 million in reserve He said the water authority  added another $1 million in cash in 2011. Zuener wrote they owe $6.3 million and expect $8.7 million for tapping fees for the West End.  That totals to $8.2 million in the bank. Why are they charging new customers $3,083 to connect when they’ll be making a profit from them too?

Oh. I understand the tapping fee is like an Impact Fee, to pay for what the other people paid but why does the Authority get the money? Why don’t the people who paid get the money back instead of the authority just taking it?

 The Water Authority is awash in money yet they want $3,083 more from me to connect a water pipe to the water main.

 What are they doing? Why are they making so much profit?

It’s because they overcharge everyone. They overcharge everyone except Toll brothers. They are charging the people $1.8 million to build a special GRINDER PUMP LINE over 2 miles long to carry sewage from the Leehurst Farm development to the Iron Works interceptor. According to Pennoni Engineering a 300 GPM pump which works fine except in some exceptional instances is being doubled in size when it only needs a small increase in size. However Pennoni failed to note that the massive increase in pump capacity is needed because it has to pump the sewage over 2 miles. The present system flows by gravity and remember, it works fine. The Leehurst grinder pump isn’t needed for the rest of the residents but the Water Authority made a deal with Toll that works like thin. Toll pays 30% and the residents pay 70%.  

Why does Toll pay 30 per cent and I have to pay 100%?

Why can’t I pay $925 instead of $3,063 to connect?

That what Toll is paying. Why the special treatment for Toll?

This stinks. The Water Authority is  swindling me and all the other citizens of Northampton.

Shouldn’t they be fired for acting against the public interest?

I can answer that.

Yes, absolutely. They should be fired.

At past meetings I’ve called for the chairman, Anthony Albano to resign.

Now I think he should be fired. He’s been acting against the public interest. He and the other four board rubber stamps who are fleecing the public have acted against the people in the Toll deal.


The rest of the story is that the Water Authority is a loophole to allow the township to raise utility rates whenever they want without going thru the Public Utility Commission.  

Here is my comment on the 2013 budget.

Like a lot of other information you keep out of the records I have to comment without seeing it. I can do that because you spent too much in the past. So I don’t have to see it to know what’s in it. I don’t have to see it to know what to do.

Cut the spending 10 per cent. Cut it 10 percent.

Sell some of the assets. I know you can cut 10 percent because Last5 year and the year before I explained how to cut 10%.

Call me if you need help but if I help you’ll have to agree to implement the cost reductions I find.


And if you want to comment on or answer anything I said tonight,


That’s what you want me to do,    so you should play by the rules ……… for a change.


Good Night Northampton.

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