Richboro. Oct 2 Sewage Board meeting

Sewer Board Chairman Anthony Albano announced in response to a comment/question from Board Member Michelle Held that Don George is not employed by them and George’s ranting’s are not approved as reports of the proceedings of the sewer board or the sewage authority. This was in response to claims by Don George that Don George was going to be the liaison from the sewer board to the board of supervisors.

In a related matter Mr. O’Neill commented at the sewage board meeting about the idea that private information about some township employees was used for political purposes. While neither confirmed nor denied I voiced my concerns about a breach of confidentiality and I hope the idea was incorrect. If true this could be serious. More will no doubt be discovered about this matter over the next few days.

I commented at the meeting about the lack of due diligence on the part of the majority of the sewer board, the sewage board attorney, the sewage board exec director and the sewage board engineer about finding the cost of the solar panels from other solar panel installers. I found that Harbor Freight charges almost half the cost of solar panels that were approved by the Sewage Board majority. Because of that issue alone I again asked for the Chairman, Anthony Albano to resign.  




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