Watch the August 28 Northampton Supervisor Public Comments where resident Don George is demanding a non-existent document be produced. He calls someone a liar for not producing it. He wasted everyone’s time by sending a letter demanding the Office of Open Records force the township to produce the non-existent letter. The OOR agreed the non-existent letter does not exist and that the Township so advise George in a affidavit which will protect the township from George’s dream-ups. This shows the foolishness of some OOR government bureaucrats who respond with dumbness to craziness.

George told the longest lie on the record in Northampton. He repeatedly said the water supply was contaminated. He repeated it for 18 months. An 18 month lie. He knows more than anyone in Northampton about his lies. What was the 18 month  lie? That the water was contaminated. It was not. The township became concerned because four Sewer Board members, the Exec Director, their attorney and their engineering firm all joined in the lie. An 18 month lie by eight people. Eight times 18 is 144 lie-months. Twelve years of a lie. Eight Scoundrels. What a disgraceful record.

Northampton has been victimized by Insider Republican Corruption for decades. From the West End “Hide the 537 Plan” to the Parson’s Pole Barn built during the Deon-Komelasky adminstrations; the cell tower debacle that the Democrats were handed and which the Democrats solved; the

Soon to be ex-resident Jerry Bass whose name was dragged through the mud of the corruption at the Courthouse read some kind of nonsense letter from a previous supervisor. Everyone writes thing they later regret and that letter proved it.

Vince Deon threw his cell phone on the floor during his comments about the pole barn case. The pole barn was built when Deon was supervisor. The Democrats are trying to clean up the mess he and the Insider Republicans created but Deon now wants the township to do something they are not allowed to do which is tear down a private barn on private property. The case may have been appealed to the PA Supreme Court. Another example of a great set of lies masquerading as the truth. What a venomous gang.

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