The November 2011 election was a loss for the Northampton GOP. They almost lost the Primary election. The Northampton GOP controls:- the Republican Committee of 36 committee people and about ten assistants; the township government jobs; the contracts; the hired lawyers; engineers and accountants and a lot of purchases. That gives them plenty of loyal voters and until November 8th, made it difficult to win an election against them.

Having so many built-in votes meant the GOP didn’t have to listen to the citizens. They raised taxes, raised the seperate fees and built un-necessary buildings and provided un-competitive  services which meant services cost more because there were no alternative bids. 

The Northampton GOP endorsed each other. The Bucks County GOP endorsed the Northampton GOP the GOP representatives and Senators in Harrisburg and Washington endorsed each other but they all forgot about or purposely refused to listen to the people. They failed to hear the grumbling about the high costs of Northampton government. They didn’t know the people didn’t like their rude behaviors at the Board meetings where Deon, Komelasky and Silver shut-up people up they didn’t like what was said. They failed to listen. They forgot that the people elect them to represent the people, not the cross-endorsing GOP.

So the township election of November 2011 stands as monument to the political deafness of the GOP. It could have been worse. The township is still home to many good Republicans. The good Republicans sent a message that they didn’t like the arrogance and mis-treatment of them and their money. The good citizens  showed they still support Republican values of smaller government and lower cost. The good people elected the other Republicans, they just replaced one Supervisor with a Democrat. Dr. Kimberly Rose has a unique opportunity to lead Northampton into a better political place. The entire community elected her, not just the Democrats. Sure, the Democrats worked hard and long on her behalf but the good Republicans and the Independent voters sent a message to the bad Republicans who have run Northampton so poorly. So far it looks like the message has been lost because the GOP hasn’t changed and may have gotten worse. On November 16th, the GOP took $1.8 million from the citizens and gave it to a developer. They refuse to listen. So far it cost them Northampton. I hope they get the message but my suspecion is they are still in denial. Oh well.  

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