The “Mob” is trying to force a candidate off the ballot for Bucks County Commissioner. This is how the “Mob” controls elections. Only “Insiders” are allowed on the ballot. A judge kicks off “Outsiders”. Read that again because the political insiders, the Bucks County Political Mob belongs on the Terrorist Watch List. 

When a group of people headed by one person, the chairwoman of the Bucks County Republican Committee in this case, has the power to get a candidate for Commissioner kicked off the ballot before an election is held, you can be certain the election will be neither free nor fair. How can a system that controls ballot access be free of corruption? How can a system that removes people from the ballot before a campaign even begins, -be fair?

Jay Russell followed the rules. (The Rules are a set of coercive regulations aimed at keeping outsiders off the ballot). Jay Russell asked private citizens to sign his Nominating Petition. 271 people signed their name; printed their name, their house number; the name of the street on which they live; the township in which they live and the date they signed, all in accord with rules as listed on the Nominating Petition and in the Pennsylvania Statutes, i.e., “The Law”. Jay Russell had his signature notarized in three places on the so-called “Petition”. More on Petitions in a moment. For now, it’s in accord to the law which Jay Russell followed to the letter that controlled his actions in getting a nominating petition signed by 271 people. The statute states he only needed 250 people to sign. Now he has to go to court to defend the signatures of 271 people. Or a judge will remove his name from the free and fair election ballot.

Barack Hussain Obama did the same thing in his Senate Race.

Jay Russell is in effect being molested by the political/legal system in his quest to get his own name on the ballot. If you believe, as I do , in a free American culture you will at least recognize the numerous threats to Freedom and liberty represented by this Bucks County outrage.

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