It’s banned in Russia. Why? Why would what even the dumb American critics know is an accurate depiction of Soviet Russia, be banned by Putin?

Tt’s chillingly true. “Child 44” is a book made into a movie and what a great job the director and photographer did in showing the truth about Soviet rule. About the showpiece of Communism, Russia under Stalin, that with malice and forethought murdered all of the farmers in Ukraine because farmers like to be free. Stalin knew how dangerous freedom was to his total control of Russia so he murdered them, just as Hitler murdered the Jews and millions of other “undesirables in Germany.

The West needs to be reminded it left Stalin alone. President Roosevelt to his everlasting disgrace, actually joined with Stalin which helped enslave Eastern Europe until Ronald Reagan freed them and the Berlin Wall came down. Why did the West stand by and watch Stalin murder the Kulaks of the Ukraine? Why is Obama standing by and watching ISIS murder their way to victory after victory in the Middle East? Why is Obama making is easier for Iran to get thermonuclear weapons?

The Left needs to see what an actual police state looks like where even words could cause the police to round you up and murder you. That’s the danger of Politically Correct Speech where words are actually banned by law. At least in America people are free to use “N” word. Oh wait, that means a word was banned and replaced by another word that has a slightly different meaning, a meaning meant to inculcate guilt to anyone who uses it.

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