Fuck the NFL.. They are liars. The NFL is fucking with me so fuck-’em. No more NFL for me because the players made it about race, not football. Too bad but football is supposed to be a sport, .. a game played by the rules… But no more.

Football has become a battleground of liars posing as aggrieved blacks…. supposedly because they refuse to go where it would be better for them, … which is no where else on earth. America is the greatest place and proof is I just tuned out a bunch of millionaire crybabies who don’t agree with me. For the record I’ve been to many, many places in Africa. I know what Africa is about and I also know what America is about and it’s not about millionaires protesting about America. It’s especially frustrating because of the known contrast between Africa and America. People can try to make America or any other place better but they should know what they’re doing before they get involved in doing it. The NFL player protests are disrespectful of the greatest place ever in the history of the earth but the players are ignorant when they try to change the nature of black people or white people. Some things cannot be done. It’s senseless to demand nature should be changed. Black people have a nature. They have a set of unchangeable elements that is foolish and ignorant to demand be changed. Of course that cannot persuade the foolish or the ignorant so we are stuck with protesting NFL players and fans who abandoned them. Sic Ergo

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