He can do a lot more to help the beleaguered Ukrainians who are still outraged and fighting against Russia, Putin and fellow Ukraine supporters who are against The European Union.

Vlad Putin in Ruling Ukraine. Fitzpatrick needs to hold a press conference in Vilnius. President Obama has largely ignored the Ukraine crisis. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden gave lip service to the crisis and made some completely inappropriate remarks about Ukraine.

The Congressman  can stop oer in Ireland and visit the relatives there but his work towards Ukraine needs to begin in Lithuania. I’ll carry his bags and pay my own way and brief him about what he can do to help the Freedom Lovers in Kiev during the trip.

Fitzpatrick can visit the Pope in  Rome to get his support for Ukraine even though most Ukranians are not Roman Catholics. They’re Orthodox Catholics but that’s not Shia and Sunni who are at perpetual war against each other. The support of the Pope for Ukraine and Israel can be lobbied by Fitzpatrick because of his long standing commitment to the Roman Catholic church. After all, Fitzpatrick is a United States Congressman who has some clout in Congress that should be useful to the Pope. I’ve been to Italy and Rome many times when I worked for Eaton, YALE, Timberjack and Trojan so I know my way around Rome where I’ve driven cars and motorcycles. With the Congressman though, we would take cabs or rent a car. I have an International Drivers License and am qualified to drive and more importantly I know where to park the car in crowded Rome.

Fitzpatrick and I can visit Israel too and he should to see first hand and for himself the damage done there by President Obama’s wrong-headed policies in the Middle East. Fitzpatrick can do what president Obama cannot do which is get America’s foreign policies  right in Europe and the Middle East. Someone has to do that and Fitzpatrick has the chops to begin to get it done.

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