Title: Bad Republicans’ must rise above political chaos

From The Courier Times; May 18, 2011 “Incumbent Vincent Deon turned back a spirited challenge by Bill O’Neill to win the GOP primary election in the Northampton supervisor race.” The reporter quoted what Deon said: “He put signs out that were classless and tasteless and absolutely unprofessional. That is not leadership or vision, that’s ridiculous. I think those signs helped me”.  

Sounds to me like a sore winner.

Some of my signs said: “DUMP DEON”. They didn’t attack Deon personally. “DUMP DEON” was addressed to the voter. 

Most of my “DUMP DEON” signs were stolen before the election. I made three police reports. It was also reported that a Republican Northampton Supervisor was seen kicking/ knocking down “DUMP DEON” signs. A close relative of another Republican Supervisor had heated words with a property owner who displayed  “DUMP DEON” signs. Seven were stolen in seven days from one location as reported by the property owner.       

Mr. Deon’s ideas of taste, class and professionalism can be seen in an email he wrote that in relevant part stated: “Many professionals, consultants, contractors and loyal GOP supporters have benefited handsomely by GOP Leadership Bucks County Wide.”   That e-mail also seemed to threaten government workers who owed their jobs to the GOP including workers at the Courthouse. 

 The Courier characterized his email as “Pay-To-Play”. Is “Pay-To-Play” tasteful or classy? On Election Day several large DUMP DEON signs were taken down from the polling places by Republican insiders. A constable forced them to be put back up. Their actions go against the idea of a fair election. Those actions are neither tasteful nor classy. 

Fast foreword to a recent mud-slinging letter to the editor from a Republican assistant committeeman who wrote that he was a “Kamikaze” in support of the Republican Party.

It’s a well-practiced smear tactic to accuse people and expect them to prove their innocence. False accusations are about all these pretentious mediocrities can do.

The letter writer (mud-slinger?), lacked evidence. He simply accused me of destroying the Republican Party. When is following Party rules and getting on the ballot a way to destroy the party?  Why did this self-described “Kamikaze” ask what quid-pro-quo do I have with Northampton Democrats?

I believe he thereby insulted every Democrat in Northampton, many of whom I consider friends. He accuses them of: “interfering with the Republican election.” But that’s what Americans are supposed to do when they oppose bad government. On the other hand, stealing my signs was clearly interfering with an election.

Some Democrats changed their registration to Republican to vote for me. I did more to grow the Republican party than he did. How convenient for him to invent that preposterous and false arguments. How unprofessional to concoct a non-existent quid pro quo.  

His conspiracy theories are not even theories. They don’t even rise to the level of suspicions. They are the mud that he slings.    

Only some Northampton Republicans are what I call “Bad Republicans”. That’s why I ran against Deon.   

Usually when a campaign is over people come together and move on. After past elections I’ve often supported the people against whom I’ve run.   

I’ve volunteered to serve on just about every committee and board in Northampton township but Deon has been the deciding negative vote. With Deon it seems personal instead of political. For two years Northampton supervisor meetings have become battlegrounds between the “Kamikaze” and the critics. Somehow we need to get the three Republican supervisors into some kind of truce with the community.

So far as working with the Democrats, I seek support from Democrats and Republicans. I admit I believe local politics should be more bi-partisan and more civil than national politics because we are immediate neighbors. We see each other driving around, at the stores, at little league, at restaurants and we need to say hello without feeling Armageddon is coming. The bad Republicans need to rise above the political chaos they continue to create.


Bill O’Neill, Northampton has been a persistent candidate for State, County and Township offices. He is the only big government critic who has campaigned against every township supervisor currently on the Board. Bill has spoken to audiences at the Constitution center and marched in D.C. with the first wave of Tea Party protestors.

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