Being the pre-eminent Left Wing newspaper in America, one asks: “Why would the New York times lie about President Obama?” Here’s why.

The NYT editors, writing as an anonymous group called “the Editorial Board”, want’s to promote Obama and condemn Republicans so they wrote that Republicans are attacking Obama because he’s black when they know that’s false, misleading and mendacious. In addition they falsely claim that no one should question Obama’s Kenyan fathers fatherhood, as though being an African puts him above comment.

Everyone is a member of a certain race. Some people like Obama are, sort of, members of two different races. Caucasian and Negro, in the lingua franca, white and black. Sort of black and white because information about the precise DNA that positively identifies on as a member of each of two races is as yet, unknown. Frankly it’s not worth studying. Obama himself seems to feel more comfortable being thought of as a black man as compared to a bi-racial man.

Those are facts. To say, as the NYT does, that questioning anything that remotely can be connected to one or the other of Obama’s races is “Racist” is blatant defamation. The NYT is a great example of the freedom of the press to libel people so long as it’s an entire group like “The Republicans”. One is hard pressed to identify why it’s not hate speech. Whether or not it’s hate speech, it’s protected speech

The New Your Times is childish in it’s attempts to defame “the Republicans” It characterizes the Republicans as being so far behind in their thinking that one must go back to the Civil War, remember, that one was utterly racist because it fought to free black people. It calls the Republicans “kooky” for opposing Obama’s support of more Socialism, aka. Obamacare where some people are forced to pay for the medical expenses of other people.

In a stunning bit of hyperbole the NYT claims the Republicans “declared war” on Obama when no such thing happened. they back up their bet that people will believe the lies of the NYT by calling the conduct of the Republicans ugly. As the song says, U – G – L – Y, you ain’t got no alibi. You ugly.

The NYT has descended to Dante’s ninth level of hell. They are traitors against the human race.

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