The four representives claimed in a letter sent to Northampton residents that they all trust Vince. TRUST VINCE? Give us a break. Vince is the most untrustworthy Northampton Republican Supervisor ever. Why trust someone who engaged in Pay To Play? Why trust someone who was the deciding vote to appoint all five consumate Republican syscophants to the Water and Sewer board? They just gave away the store to Toll Brothers and charged the residents for it. Those are reasons not to trust Deon. 

Deon increased taxes so we pay more than double to Northampton than we paid before Deon. Deon tried to blame the Democrat supervisors but Dr. Kimberly Rose proved he was fibbing when he said that.  He also more than  doubled the fees that homeowners must pay for permits and licenses. He’s a walking tax increase. He has supported and rejected the GIANT. Why trust him?

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