America is in the throes of a Marxist inspired Dictatorship Of The Proletariat. Money doesn’t make a country Capitalist. Neither does Private Ownership of property. Neither money nor Private Property is the basis of Capitalism. Communists, Socialists, and Welfare Statist’s can own property. Usually their cultures are too poor to afford property but even in the former Soviet Union, people bought cars, clothes, food, medicine and lots of things even though they were Raving Communists.

Freedom is not the basis of Capitalism either. Freedom is necessary but it’s not basis of Capitalism. Cubans have lots of freedom; they buy cars, eat at restaurants, buy books and travel around but they live in a closed dictatorship. Russians can buy a home and own it but Vladimir Putin dictates what is allowed.

If neither money, property nor freedom are essential for Capitalism, What is? What’s the basic attribute of a Capitalist culture? Since Capitalism is a political system the fundamental political element of a capitalist culture is the requirement that government exists to protect the individual, not the majority. Within Capitalism the majority has no rights. Neither does the group. Capitalism starts with the metaphysical attributes of the individual, it’s existence.  Rocks and trees exist but they aren’t needed for Capitalism because Capitalism is wrapped up with the specific set of attributes that Identify “the Individual”. Going quickly here, Existence, Identity then Consciousness. EIC. Those three ideas form the basis of a proper culture, a Capitalistic Culture.

What kind of government follows from EIC? Within the Identity of “The Individual” is the attribute of Liberty, the sum of the individual freedom’s within the existence of each Individual. An individual who is not free cannot exist as an individual.

Political Freedom means the ability to make the choices that sustain and enlarge life. The freedom to flourish can be removed only by criminals and government’s. The law is needed to force government’s to stop criminals and government’s from restricting the life of the individual.

All these ideas are integrated into a philosophical sum. The individual is the basis of Liberty. Individual Liberty is identified within the attributes of an individual. Liberty is what is to be protected and the recognition of each individuals rights to life, liberty, and property, requires a Power Structure that includes The White House, the Congress, the Courts, the Colleges, the Newspapers, the media, the T.V. and movie actors and actresses and the talking heads. It should be obvious that it’s not only the government that protects rights. It’s the entire power structure and it’s supposed to protect, not restrict those elements which are called Rights. 

The Protection of Rights is the only proper basis of a political Power Structure, and a Government. The sum of the above is the basis of Capitalism. If and when a government protects the individual, the political system is Capitalist. If government protects the state, the culture, the majority or a minority it’s not a Capitalist system. It’s either Socialist or a Dictatorship. When government demands you pay for your neighbor it’s dictatorial. You should pay for government and government should protect you and your money, especially your money. When it doesn’t it’s engaging in the behavior from which it is prohibited.

Dictators are not Capitalists even though they are over interested in money. A dictatorship is interested in the well being of the dictator or of a group of leaders. Socialist systems and cultures can have loads of personal freedoms but Socialist governments will protect: the group; the poor; the needy; the genders; the fatherland; the motherland; the Volk before it will protect the rights of the individual.

That was “The American Exception” from all  other cultures. America, at least in it’s founding principles protected the individual, not the state. America was founded as a Capitalist Nation because the government was supposed to serve the individual, not the government.

Unfortunately America is no longer about those founding principles. America today is a Presidential Cult of the adoration of the values of group rights. The community is organized against the Individuals within the Community. The Community, whether it’s because of it’s race, it’s gender, it’s religious beliefs, or it’s concerns about mankind, nature or the universe, the Community is esteemed and in the case of President Obama, adored regardless of his wrong positions on thousands of issues. That’s wrong. That’s unfair. That’s not Capitalism. Under Obama America increasingly has become a soft Dictatorship. That’s Anti-Capitalistic. That’s suicide. Read the foregoing until you get it. If your don’t agree, keep reading, -then tell government “hands off American’s capital”.

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