Deon’s website claims: “There are also those that stoop to the level of erecting “Dump Deon” signs.  I cannot tell you the number of people who approached my wife and me at the polls during the primary who could not believe that people, even in politics, would engage in such tactics knowing that we have a school aged child in the community.” (It should be: those who, not those that.)

Deon’s concern for the school aged children in the community should have stopped him from the Pay-To-Play email he wrote to remind contributors they “benefit handsomely” with the GOP and presumably him in power. Deon’s support of no-bid contracts sure make it look like the charges of corruption run through him. Did he explain that to his daughter? Of course not. His record is mostly running away from giving answers to the citizens. His record is missing his so-called help to the school aged children of the community. He just helps himself to giving out handsome benefits to Republican contributors. That’s what he wrote in his Pay-To-Play email.

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