Dump Deon is a message to the voters to refuse to re-elect him. Deon’s campaign website states: “There are also those that stoop to the level of erecting “Dump Deon” signs.  I cannot tell you the number of people who approached my wife and me at the polls during the primary who could not believe that people, even in politics, would engage in such tactics knowing that we have a school aged child in the community.”

I designed, printed and erected over 100  24 inch DUMP PAY TO PLAY DEON signs and four large four foot by four foot ones. A few were vandalized and most were stolen. Ripped out of the ground. So I ask Deon: Does your concern for the children of our community prohibit explaining what they and the adults in Northampton know and practice as a moral value? Stealing is wrong. Stealing political signs to prevent  my message of the Corruption in Northampton from being seen is doubly wrong because it interferes with a bedrock principle of America, viz., a fair election.  Deon’s concern for the school aged children in the community can be seen by the $10,000 tapping fee he and his cronies charged the parents of his self-created political enemies in the West End. The corruption can be seen in the viscious attacks on Frank Rothermel at the supervisor meetings. Did Deon worry about the effect on Supervisor Rothermel’s children? Was he thinking of the effect on his own daughter? No. He will use his daughter to cover up his venomous behaviors towards people including getting rid of Gretel Bleich after she felt sympathetic towards him. That’s why Deon is unfit for supervisor and why he should be dumped. DUMP PAY TO PLAY DEON is really a more kind way to say:  “Remove This Scoundrel from office; for Pay-To-Play, for lying about his opponents and for the general dis-respect he has shown to the residents.”

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