It’s in their DNA. They must lie, mis-represent, distort, fake, fib, twist the truth, conceal the truth and maliciously mis-lead the public to win the Supervisor election November 6th, 2013. Two Letters to the Editor prove the point but there are loads of examples including Joe Scott’s comment that Supervisor Cunningham is retarded.

Insider Edward Farling, one of three Insider Republicans on the Sewer board, approved the corrupt Chinese Solar project. Ed Farling: Northampton Republican Committeeman, consummate good dog Republican Insider, wrote about the Solar panels just installed by the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority. I call it the Sewer Board.

The Sewer board is run by three Insider Republicans including Farling (who lost the Primary Election to Denise Brooks). Farling wrote in the Couier that the Solar project is free to Northampton Ratepayers. Not true, -the ratepayers paid large amounts of money to their Insider Republican law firm and engineering firm, money that includes entertainment for the  benefit of the three insider Sewer Boarders.

The Solar System cost $193,500. Made with Chinese panels, -paid for by PA. taxpayers. The taxpayers of PA includes the taxpayers and the ratepayers of Northampton so the people who Farling said didn’t pay anything actually paid something. He knows that.

Farling also mislead by omitting he is a Republican Committeeman. Negligent nondisclosure. He also fibbed about the Chinese solar panel deal being sold to the Insider Republican Sewer board by the Republican who is running for Supervisor who was endorsed by the Insider Republican Committee which includes Insider Republican Sewer board appointment beneficiary , … ready? Edward Farling. Is it a stretch to think this is this incest or standard prostitution?

Farling misled and the Courier printed that the Chinese Solar Project will not cost them a dime.

Farling misled the public when he wrote Supervisor Rothermel accepted state funding for projects but not for the Chinese Solar Project. Those projects did not includes the bad deal Chinese Solar Panel project.

The Chinese Solar panels look like they cover half a football field. They save about as much money, $0.13 per property per year as could be saved by putting the Sewer building in the shade. Thirteen cents a year. How expensive is it to put the building in the shade? Maybe $400 in materials. How? It has a flat roof. Make a framework out of PVC tubing. Cover it with a tarp. Saves hundreds of dollars in air conditioning costs plus the air conditioners last longer because they run less because the building is cooled by shade.  Compare $400 against $193,500. Or buy a natural gas powered generator. That’s about $20,000. This is simple arithmetic and Farling knows it because I explained it to the public numerous times.

And the Chinese wasted loads of electricity making the solar panels. It’s doubtful the solar panels saved energy at all. They just make electricity until then fail in about 15 years that replaces the electricity and the energy to design them in China, manufacture them in China, ship them on Chinese ships, and install the Chinese Panels. The wire connecting the Chinese panels to PECO was probably made in China too. 

Farling claims the Sewer Board reduced it’s carbon footprint. What about it’s actual footprint? The footprint of the Chinese Solar panels is larger than the Sewer Building. That doubled the amount of un-usable space. That’s an increase, not a decrease in footprint.

On Farlings topic of footprints, check the foot in his mouth.

He should resign. I’m voting for the common sense of Rothermel and Cunningham.




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