Will the new Republican administration stand up for the public and continue to show video’s of the Sewage Board Meetings? No. Why Not? Because it’s harder to continue the corruption when the public can see what’s going on.

There’s also the idea of the First Amendment’s Right to Free Speech. The previous Republican administration supported just enough speaking by the citizens to get past a political Bucks County Judge.  During the past two years the amount of free speech in Northampton was greatly increased. Two Citizens Comment periods were included at every Supervisor’s meeting, thanks to the efforts of Supervisor Frank Rothermel. A video camera was installed at the Sewage Board over the fierce opposition of the Chairman. Also included by supervisor Rothermel was his request that citizens comment on Motions after they were proposed and discussed by the board. I’d go further. I’d ask for a show of hands of those present to approve or disapprove of the motion before the vote but I’m more Libertarian on Free Speech, having sued Northampton Township AND WON twice for restricting Free Speech.

There are many reasons government doesn’t want to hear from the people but the most important is the people can speak truth to power. The most dependable attribute of a politician is prevarication. Most of the time the public doesn’t like to hear lies but some politicians have been very successful doing it. Northampton has proven that many times and if history is a guide will continue to shut out and shut up the  public.

But in Northampton the video recording of the sewage board meetings will be stopped because the incoming administration won’t support it. Lights Out at the Sewage Board, Northampton unless more people speak out against it. 


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