Here’s more DeonSpeak. He blames his adversaries for putting up a website that praises him, condemns Dr. Kinberly Rose and tries to trash four private citizens who have spoken against his type of activity. Would the Deomcrats praise Deon and ridicule Dr, Kim Rose? Deon must have gone off his meds to come up with that howler.  Deon condemned my Dump Pay-To-Play Deon signs used against him six months ago to try to get some sympathy. That’s more DeonSpeak. Deon condemned me for somehow affecting his school age daughter with the Pay-To-Play signs. Why didn’t he think about his daughter when he wrote his Pay-To-Play e-mail? Why doesn’t Deon think about his school age child before uttering such inanities? As we all know,  the answer is he simply doesn’t think that well. He does not deserve to be re-elected.

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