Teach them about Christopher Columbus. Columbus’ discovery of America expanded human flourishing and provided the basis for the practice of Individual Rights yet the Left has been disrespecting Columbus as just another awful racist white man.

Look at the Middle East where individual rights are least understood. No religion holds the individual in high esteem. America does. No one can live as fully human without the ability to practice freedom which presupposes not only a set of laws but an understanding of the nature of the individual and the attribute of Individual Liberty.

Bee’s, ants, wolves, lions and terrorists need a herd to survive. Lions hunt in groups called Prides. Wolves use the pack system, similar to human gangs which exist where the law may be inadequate for survival. Ants and bees cannot exist without a large group. Humans are different. A single human has everything needed to survive and flourish. terrorists have never discovered the basis of their own nature which is to think and use reason to freely guide their choices. Terrorists follow a set of rules. They cannot really think for themselves, at least not in any fundamental way. they follow the leader, just like pack animals. They need to learn they are independent entities, not pack animals.

The human mind must think alone. Just like a pack cannot digest a meal, each wolf must eat alone. That principle, Individuality, was written in the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. It would not have happened without Christopher Columbus and the Left knows his discovery of America undermines their false doctrine of group rights. that’s why the Left want’s to diminish and forget about Columbus.

For a nice list of aome of what Columbus did see this article from Capitalism Magizine. Here.

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