Japan, more specifically the Japanese people make it easy to forgive the atrocities committed by the Japanese military at Pearl Harbor and in Asia during World War Two. 9/11 however is a different story. Fifteen years after the sneak attacks on 9/11 the enemy is not conquered. Forgiveness for 9/11 is impossible.

Perhaps President Trump will defeat ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism. Maybe he will work with Vladimir Putin to get the job done. It seems Europe will not be much help. Europe needed America’s help to get past two world wars. Europe had to be bailed out twice in the 20th century by America and Great Britain and it looks like America and Russia will need to team up to defeat ISIS.  

Perhaps one day the Middle East will be safe again like Japan become safe once it was defeated. Perhaps. Perhaps not. No way to predict but based on the extreme hatred of Israel and America, the Great and Little Satan’s it looke impossible.

Still, things change over time so here’s hoping the victories to come in the Middle East will result in peace. It’s a good thing to wish for on New Years Eve. 


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