It’s a very American move, to maximize profit by cutting expenses which is what Burger King just did by moving it’s tax country from America to Canada.

American tax rates are 86% higher than the Canadian rate so paying 14% in Canada instead of 26% in America will put more profit into Burger King. A 12% increase in the bottom line because of paperwork must be taken advantage of because a corporation has a fiduciary duty to it’s investors and owners. Burger Kings move is in line with the American principle of getting government out of the business of business.
If America want’s to get Burger King back, act like a horse trader and lower the tax rate. No only will Burger King come running, they will bring Tim Hortons with it If American government officials had been doing the right things Burger King would still be here. As it stands, American’s should applaud Warren Buffett’s move as an economic no brainer. More American Corporations should imitate Warren Buffett for doing what the Tea Parties, the Libertarians and the Republicans have been talking about. Action beats jawboning. Clap. Clap.

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