Double Standards of the Left Revealed

For doing a lot less, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was called a war criminal and permission to speak at Rutgers was denied mostly because of the judgment Left Wing Indoctrinated students who simply called her a war criminal. President Obama has actually ordered people to be bombed but the Left, the Democrats, the Mainstream Media and academia are swooning over his war crimes, verifying the double standards about which the Right has been reporting.

The Nuremburg Trials where the leaders of Nazi Germany were tried, convicted and killed for atrocities like the bombing of London were doing what Obama has been doing. Bombing civilians.
President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are called war criminals by the Left because of their invasion of Iraq. The Left is not only silent but supportive of President Obama who assassinated Osama bin Laden. More evidence of the double standards of the Left. They should admit that war against the terrorists must be total then accept the consequences even though at first glance they seem atrocious.

The mainstream media refuses to publish the results of the 160 bombings announced by President Obama. How many were killed? What’s the body count? But the mainstream media which demanded the daily body count from Bush will now cover-up the killing because President Obama who is one of them is responsible.

All of the above and more show the hypocrisy of the Left and the Mainstream Media.
But in bombing ISIL the President is supported by the Republicans and the Right. Even though it’s the right thing to do, most people accept it as more examples of Double Standards.

President George W. Bush’s idea that “you are either with us or against us” is the identical idea using different words that President Obama said viz. “If you threaten us you will find no safe haven”. Why is it acceptable when President Obama says it but evidence of war crimes when President Bush said it? Because President Obama is a President who belongs to the Left.

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