It will take a set of plans against the new al-Quida to force them to lose their will to fight. Anything less will not stop them.
But President Obama doesn’t want to defeat the terrorists because in his flawed epistemology terrorists have as much right to exist as Americans. That’s the elimination of evil by wish but evil will not go away, it must be killed or it will continue to kill Americans.

EVIL is intellectual. Evil doesn’t exist in nature. When Evil appears, and ISIS is evil nature will not control it. It must be controlled by force but ISIS refuses to abide by the rules of civilization. ISIS cannot be controlled. It must be eliminated by killing it’s members.
They can easily melt into the population. The population should not be killed in order to get to ISIS but neither should the population be considered collateral damage that must be minimized. The population must be turned against ISIS in a way that doesn’t put the innocents in the population in danger. How is that to be done?
that’s part of the job of President Obama. He’s the one in charge. He’s in control of the military and intelligence forces in America. He may not have an effective coalition to back him up so he may have to commit America to go after ISIS on our own. He needs to come to that conclusion. At this moment he doesn’t not have the inclination to destroy ISIS. that needs to change and it’s up to those who know what’s right and wrong to get President Obama to step up and destroy ISIS.

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