In the corrosive political climate in America people are commonly put in one of two groups, Left or Right but there’s another group that’s usually hidden from the political chaos, the Evils.

Evil exists for a multitude of reasons. There’s a war going on worldwide by a group of people said to be anywhere from 18,000 to perhaps a few hundred thousand. The war is wrongly said to be because of Islam which would mean every Muslim is fighting the war against every non-Muslim but how can that be? There are about 2 billion Muslims so the war would be over in a very short time if 2 billion people were fighting.

Even though there are over 7 billion people in the world, if 2 billion were really fighting they would have won long ago. Why haven’t the Muslims conquered the world? Because there aren’t really 2 million Muslims who want to go to war so they refuse to be part of it. The same calculus applies to the groups of: Muslim and Non-Muslim as applies to the groups of Left and Right, viz., there is a third hidden group, the Evils and it’s the Evils who want war. The problem for the Evils is there’s not enough evil people in the world for the war to be won. the Evils have started a war they can’t win. There’s far more good people than evil people and the good people will win. It’s always been that way. It will always be that way.

During the darkest days of World War II; when America and Americans were fighting in Europe and in the Pacific there seemed to be a lot of evil people who were winning. Hitler and his NAZI’s had conquered most of Europe and the Japanese had bombed the American Navy at Pearl harbor; NAZI submarines were sinking America ships in the Atlantic evil was on the march yet evil lost.

The War Against The West by the evils has been largely confined to a part of the Middle East. It’s not a World War like WWII was because there aren’t enough evils to wage a worldwide war. It may appear that the evils are winning but a closer look shows they are not as good at war as Hitler or the Japanese.

The calculus of war is rather simple. Napoleon knew that war favors the bigger army. Wars are won by following some basis rules and even though the War Against the West is a guerilla war which means it will go on as long as there are evil people who want to fight against the rest of the world, there are not enough evil people to win.

Evil may seem to win. Guerilla wars can be effective as we see from Vietnam, China, North Korea and Cuba but evil can’t win because there are far more good people.

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