One of the messages in Ayn Rand’s eponymous novel “Atlas Shrugged” is her love of and for people. Ayn Rand is routinely condemned by certain segments or within certain groups but her message in the words of John Galt, “Can you hear me my love?” runs against their false claims about her. Ayn Rand really did love people.

Atlas Shrugged is a masterpiece. It’s a master work by one of the greatest human minds. The fact that it’s condemned by a very few people compared to the unusual sales records it continues to generate all around the world shows the wonderful, beautiful idea that people are naturally inclined to get it right; to work together; to live together and that people, each wonderful individual person is born good, not “stained at birth” with some mythical sin.

These seem to be very difficult times with people being divided into Left and Right but in both groups there is a third group, the evil ones. There are many people in war’s that don’t’ have to be. Yes, … there are evil people in the world but don’t lose your own good nature because of the them.

Proof that Ayn Rand was and is right is inside the underlying attributes that were marvelously brought out in this video.  Hope you enjoy it.

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