The NFL offered $89 Million and it was accepted by the representatives of the kneeTakers, all of whom were non-white. So much for followimg principles or putting principles above some bucks. Were the protests every about anything higher than shakedown, Twanna Brawley Al Sharpton theft of other peoples money? money? (1) (2)

Money is a barometer of the virtue of it’s holder. The NFL itself has sold out itself as well as the kneelers who sold out their principles too. Both sides lost. Neither can be relied upon to uphold a proper moral principle. Both sides are guilty of bribery. 

The NFL supported the ideas of the kneelers. They agreed they oppress black people and the kneelers stopped claining they were oppressed. All for a payoff, a two-way bribe, and the kneelers gave up their phony protest, their integrity and their honesty. Neither side can be trusted but neither the protests nor the owners ever disired your trust. Both sides only wanted some money without working for it or in exchange for their annoying disruptive, dismissive behavior. It’s like two crooks making a deal or two prostitutes without values. 

This is not how honest people act. If the kneelers were serious about black people being oppressed they would have quit the organization that was guilty of oppressing them. If the NFL was serous that there was no oppression it could have simply began firing the kneelers at a rate of five or ten a week until the kneeling stopped. That’s how honorable people would act. We now know that neither side is honorable because one side offered a bribe and the other side accepted the bribe. They sold their integrity and they need to know our judgment of them as fundamentally dishonest. The kneelers are worse than prostitutes. Prostitutes at least admit they sell their bodies to buyers who are inadequate. The kneelers won’t every admit they sold out something harder to prostitute than their bodies. They sold out their minds.

No one should support an NFL team because of the treachery of the owners. No one should buy the jerseys of the kneeling disloyal players.
BTW. It doesn’t matter where the bribe money originates not where it is spent. If there was oppression the money will not stop it. Since money was accepted if there was oppression it will continue. That’s the consequences of two whores making deals. Everyone gets dirty.

What about the fans who continue to support a business that’s proven it’s dirty? Many fans have refused to continue to support it. they stand up for their principles.
What about the non-kneeling players who didn’t support the protest? they are guilty of poor moral judgment because they refused to speak out and stop it. Everyone involved group is dirty.

Notes At The Bottom:
(1) Tawana Glenda Brawley (born 1972) is an African-American woman from Wappingers Falls, New York, who gained notoriety in 1987–88 for falsely accusing four white men of having raped her. The charges received widespread national attention because of her age (15), the persons accused (including police officers and a prosecuting attorney), and the state in which Brawley was found after the alleged rape. She was found in a trash bag, with racial slurs written on her body and covered in feces. Brawley’s accusations were given widespread media attention in part from the involvement of her advisers, including the Reverend Al Sharpton and attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason.

After hearing evidence, a grand jury concluded in October 1988 that Brawley had not been the victim of a forcible sexual assault and that she herself may have created the appearance of such an attack. The New York prosecutor whom Brawley had accused as one of her alleged assailants successfully sued Brawley and her three advisers for defamation.

Brawley initially received considerable support from the African-American community. Some suggested that Brawley was victimized by biased reporting that adhered to racial stereotypes. The mainstream media’s coverage drew heated criticism from the African-American press and many black leaders who showed no degree of skepticism or disbelief of the teenager and her story. The grand jury’s conclusions decreased support for Brawley and her advisers. Brawley’s family has maintained that the allegations were true.

(2) From ESPN: sources told ESPN that the coalition and the NFL agreed in principle for the league to contribute $89 million over seven years to projects dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education.