He didn’t start out as a friend of America. His mother ran from America and his father remained a loyal Kenyan who fiercely hated Great Britain. He was elected to the Presidency by almost all black Americans and lots of Liberals who wanted their kind of politicians in power. Obama was just what those people wanted.

Obama has always sided with the Extreme Left. His first Senate campaign was begun in the living room of America condemning Bill Ayres who was most directly involved in bombing government buildings to make his point. There are few people who are more left than Bill Ayres.

As President, Obama has shown his disrespect for America, Great Britain, Israel and Europe. He has listened to the advice of Vladimir Putin, a man who like Stalin wanted to eliminate the American influence around the globe but his plan had no conclusion. Who or what would replace America and therein lies the damnation of Obama and his grand failure as President.

He failed to anticipate the push back from Americans who refused to watch or permit the undoing of America. President Obama caused the rise of The Tea Parties.

He failed to grasp the fact that at the street level Liberals and blacks remain touchingly well intentioned towards America. They refuse to support the idea that government should take care of them even though the American Economy has been destroyed by the forces of socialism which forces many who do not want the government to support them need the support to survive because government has greatly damaged the free market which is the best way for people to take care of themselves.

The Liberals want an equality that doesn’t exist. The blacks want a justice that has been beyond their reach. Obama’s extreme Left want’s to replace white influence but that hasn’t been going well for him. The more he fails to stop illegal immigration  the worse becomes the plight of the illegal immigrants and the better off become even more better off as they get gobs of cheap labor which sends the stock market soaring. Unfortunately American blacks lose more with illegal immigration because their jobs are the easiest to replace with the illegal immigrants as soon as they learn a little bit of English and they enter the job market with superior capabilities compared to the American blacks. Obama is on the wrong side of history.

In the muddled Middle East where he’s been bombing more than his hated nemesis President George W. Bush his tactics won’t work because there are more terrorists than bombs. Civil war in Syria and Iraq work to the great benefit of America but Obama doesn’t get that.     

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