Ted Cruz proved why most of the Senators in the Senate don’t like him when he helped make sure none of the Colorado Republican Voters could vote against him. The Colorado GOP in effect cancelled the Primary Election. Former Colorado state Republican party chairman Ryan Call said: “there’s million registered Republicans who haven’t been talked to and there’s almost a million and a half unaffiliated voters, independent voters, who are key to deciding the contest in the battleground state and we haven’t done any work in a state like Colorado to build the campaign infrastructure to engage them or allow their voices to be heard.

The Colorado GOP is telling the people that your vote doesn’t matter and your voice doesn’t count. That also proves how corrupt Cruz is despite his posing as a saintly man of religion. What a hypocrite. If Cruz was a stand-up guy he’s tell the corrupt Colorado GOP to stuff their delegates, Cruz or any honorable man would disavow the Colorado delegates.

Michael Savage said the “rigged Republican, back-room deal” was “not befitting a free republic” and “something you would expect of Uruguay in the 1940s.”

“How can Mr. Cruz support a rigged election in Colorado and still claim to be a conservative?”

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