1. Federal level: President, Two Senators, One State Representative, (Congressman, 15th Congressional District, Charlie Dent).

2. State Level: Governor, Two Senators, One State Representative, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor.

3. County Level: Lehigh: Nine Commissioners. One in District Five, Michael Schware, Four At-large. 


4. Local Level: Lower Milford Township: Four Supervisors, One Tax Collector, Two Political Committee People.

5. School Board. Southern Lehigh School District. Nine elected directors.


The System is controlled by the politicians. They control the voting at the local, state and national committees. The committee’s “Endorse” or approve candidates, get them on the ballot and campaign for them. Trump by-passed all than and did it himself. tha’s why he’s Independent of the political system. It explains why the establishment politicians hate him. 

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