The popularity of Ted Cruz is mainly based on his religion. He’s the son of a preacher, a religious leader and he and his father both are driven by religious principles. So fae as that goes, fine, ….. but Ted Cruz want’s to be the most important leader in the world and he want’s to lead a secular nation based on his religious beliefs. That’s not a compromise, it’s a prescription for disaster. It will motivate the enemies of America even more than the 9/11 hijackers were motivated because at the time America was not a theocracy. Ted Cruz will solve that problem by moving America into a theocracy.

That may not be as impossible as it seems. America was founded by a non-religious document, the Constitution but one of the first actions of the new government was to invite a Christian preacher into the meeting room to pray. So much for a secular government. Some people were appalled but it shows how difficult it is to separate religion from government.  

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