“Flags Of Our Fathers” by James Bradley covers lots of history that’s missing in America’s history books. James is a son of one of the Flag Raisers in the photograph and in the Iwo Jima Memorial statue in Arlington National Cemetery. Go see it.

Make certain you learn the story that led up to the monument. For that you need to read “Flags Of Our Fathers”. You will learn a lot of Politically Incorrect history, history that will never make it into the history books of America and which will soon be almost completely destroyed by the abundance of America Haters both inside and outside America. I include especially the current President, Barack Obama in the hater group. He has virtually checked-out of his Presidency with over two years to go. Good. He’s done more than enough damage to America in the past 5 1/2 years.

The second man from the right in the flag raising photo is James Bradley, a Marine Corpsman who consistently shunned the limelight. James Jr. tries repeatedly to explain his father’s reasoning and he had to do a lot of digging to get to it because his father just did not talk about his war experiences. Same for a lot of other men and women who fought on Iwo Jima. Only about 1 in 3 survived. the 2nd Marine battalion landed on D-day with 1,400 boys, 288 replacements were added for a total of 1.688. 1,511 were killed or wounded. Of the 177 who walked off the island, 91 had been wounded at least once and returned to battle the Japanese.  

The Japanese, like the present Palestinians in Gaza tunneled under Iwo Jima just like the Palestinians in Gaza. The tunnels in both cases were elaborate and effective in killing Americans at Iwo, just as the tunnels in Gaza are successful killing Israelis. The last Japanese to surrender at Iwo did it January 6, 1949, almost four years after the end of the great battle of Iwo Jima which began in February, 1945. They emerged from their tunnels well fed and smiling. They escaped detection for almost four years. Tunnels work which is the justification for Israel to destroy them in Gaza.

The very tiny island of Iwo Jima was used for emergency landings by 2,400 American B-29’s and other aircraft manned by 29,000 Americans between Feb 1945 and up to when the American nuclear bombs finally ended the resistance of the Japanese who had mobilized millions to fight to their death against the Americans who it was expected would invade and pacify Japan.

The six men in the Flag Raising Photograph on Iwo Jima never felt like hero’s to themselves. they refused to admit they were hero’s. Only three of the six Marines in the photo made it back to America. The casualties on Iwo Jima stagger the imagination. Almost 50,000 dead or wounded. Perhaps a nuclear bomb could have stopped the carnage but Iwo Jima is small but it was too large to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb and America only had two bombs.

Flags Of Our Fathers is not about the justification of using two nuclear bombs but it provides more than enough information to make your own analysis. For me, the justification was never in doubt. I was very young when WWII was in progress. The reactions of friends and family as well as the memories of the radio broadcasts were more than sufficient to not only justify the decision of President Harry Truman to use first one then the second “Atomic Bombs” as they were called in 1945. As traumatic and as tragic as the results of the atomic bombs were, the invasion and eventual conquest of the Japanese that was necessary to end WWII would have caused hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese death’s. Flags Of Our Fathers has a lot of that information even though the objective of the book and of author James Bradley is to illuminate his father’s actions, not condemn or justify WWII. Nevertheless, the information in the book will soon be erased from availability by the Politically Correct Movement in America.

James Bradley could not write the personal stories of all of the people who were involved with the battle on Iwo Jima but it’s certain that the six men about whom he wrote were both hero’s and the representatives of the 29,000 American Marines who were fighting on Iwo Jima who were also, every one,  American Hero’s.

The military does not give medals or commendation to each hero. If it did, and it should, there would be hundreds of thousands of books written about each hero from Iwo Jima. Flag-raiser James “Doc” Bradley, a Marine Corpsman was a symbol for those hero’s. His story happens to be part of the reason for the Marine Memorial at Arlington Nations Cemetery. If you don’t read the book, at least go the memorial and think about all of the people who died making it possible for you to do that. It’s the least you can do to thank them.


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