Capitalism prohibits the use of force in selling or buying. Government’s hate it because Capitalism prohibits taxes which use the threat of prison to collect.

The payment for government has always been by taxes. How can that be in a Capitalist Culture?

It isn’t a Capitalistic Culture if taxes are collected by government.

How can a government exist in a Capitalist Culture? On example is War Bonds which were used to finance WWII in America.

 “At the end of World War II, January 3, 1946, the last proceeds from the Victory War Bond campaign were deposited into the U.S. Treasury. More than 85 million Americans — half the population — purchased bonds totaling $185.7 billion. Those incredible results, due to the mass selling efforts of helping to finance the war, have never since been matched.” (HERE)

The cost of World War II to America was 295,790 killed in action, and $288 million, 5 Trillion in 2007 dollars. The War Bonds, first called Defense bonds, then War Bonds then Victory Bonds raised $3.224 trillion in 2007 dollars.  That’s $38,ooo per each of the 85 million people who bought the War Bonds.

But Government got greedy. It increased taxes and the higher taxes were never repealed. The results of the Anti-Capitalistic American Governments especially under President Obama was to increase taxes more and more.

No one ever accused Obama of being a Capitalist.

He’s a monster Tyrant.

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