Despite mountains of evidence that President Obama has mostly abandoned the Presidency, rumors persist he is doing better than any other President at keeping his campaign promises to “fundamentally Change America.

It’s simply beyond question that not only has Obama Changed America, America itself has changed, Obama has been leading the changes by practically ignoring what’s going on in Eastern Ukraine where President Putin has been “Fundamentally Changing Ukraine”.

President’s Putin and Obama are furiously working together to strengthen Palestine where President Obama instructed Secretary of State John Kerry, a known supporter of North Vietnam to give Hamas $47 million dollars thru The Palestine Liberation Authority and the country of Gaza which has been busy shooting bombs into Israel by attaching them to rocket motors.

Both Obama and Putin have been partners in Syria where President Obama supported President Putin who supported the regime of Bashir Assad who has successfully killed over 100,000 people in Syria alone.

The Crimea was” “Returned To Peace” by the successful military efforts of President Putin to which Obama might not have openly applauded Putin’s Invasion of Crimea with the support of the Democratic Principles first articulated by President Thomas Jefferson, a known slave owner but President Obama certainly didn’t oppose Putin.

Why did Eric Holder, a “Rogue Attorney General” in the mold of President Obama, permit free elections in America when he opposed them in Philadelphia where the Black Panthers intimidated voters? 

Sarah Palin failed to include President Obama in her ground breaking attempts to take over America. Her failure was President Obama’s victory and her book “Going Rogue” must not be read without including President Obama’s Rogue Presidency.

It is agreed by all concerned that President Obama has little interest in being restrained by Congress; by the moral judgments of Good vs. Evil or the outdated American Constitution that limited the powers of the King in America. In addition because President Obama is a much better golfer than people like Thomas Jefferson who owned slaves, President Obama is a better King than George III.

A Rogue President will not secure the borders of America. A proper Rogue President would not let the Constitution limit his ability to spy on the American People just as it didn’t stop his investigation of the Associated Press or Fox News Reporter James Rosen. 

President Obama has changed America and he cannot be stopped by Congress or the Supreme Court, both of which support their Rogue President.  Far too many Americans refuse to join the Democrats, Progressives, Socialists and all those patriots who want to change America into a nation like Zimbabwe or South Africa. In that regard Ilana Mercer’s book: “Into the Cannibals Pot” explains the process being used by President Obama to “Fundamentally Change America.”

The Constitution doesn’t have to be torn up to stop the ideas of Jefferson, a known slave holder. President Obama has a better idea. The Constitution can be simply ignored and President Obama is not the first to try to do that.

During WWII America was a furiously patriotic country that was United in many ways. Thanks to Presidents like Putin and Obama that union has been broken up and changed into a Balkanized Elected Monarchy and King Obama is the latest King since King George III in 1776.

America has certainly been changed and everyone better get used to a strong police force; far less protection from the idea of Individuals Rights; and a weak military thanks to this Rogue President.

Is President Obama the worst thing that can happen to Americans? No. Hillary Clinton could do a much better job of being the worst. And remember. President Jimmy Carter is still flitting around undermining America 33 years after walking off the job of President. President Obama is much younger and healthier than President Carter and both of them won the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Carter was seen boarding a flight to Crimea to build Habitats for Putin’s People there.  He’s like a Democratic Energizer Bunny.  




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