For his demand that Israel stop hurting the people who are shooting rockets into Israel. WTF.

That’s the first time words failed to adequately condemn President Obama.

The Associated Press, no friend of Israel, America or the truth reported the State Department, that would be the place with Traitor Red Baby Kerry, a disgrace to the Irish as well as America condemned Israel for warning civilians that Israel would be bombing targets housing the people who want to destroy every Jew in Israel and who carried out their evil, insane philosophy by shooting thousands of rockets into Israel, even while Israel was landing 20,000 Israeli military in Gaza. How insane is that!

So resident Obama goes lower and lower in his bad behavior that’s been against America and the West since he was a child at his Kenyan fathers philosophy classes. The President has gone from the worst American President ever to the most evil one.

Supporting evil over good is worse than just evil and insane, it’s suicidal and that’s the philosophy Barack Obama learned from each of his parents. Supporting evil is suicidal because it is death oriented and humans are life oriented. That’s the legacy of Obama Senior to his child Barack. Bad, evil and now insane.

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