Confirmed:  the so called pro-Russia Separatists in Eastern Ukraine are Russia Special Forces who took over a Ukraine Missile Base two weeks ago and today shot a missile that destroyed a civilian passenger jet are part of a proxy invasion force commanded by none other then Vlad Putin.

By using proxy forces Putin gets deniability but the chain of command runs thru Moscow. This is the Putin who invaded and occupied Crimea.

It’s pointless to ask: What will Obama do? He’s already done it. He went on with fund-raising for the Democrats in New York, just as he’s done during countless other tragedies. He went on vacation while Mosel fell. He falsely and knowingly blamed Benghazi on a video. Regarding Malaysia Air, President Obama sent John Kerry out to say some trite nonsense. What a super hero. Not.   

What would Ronald Reagan have done? Send American forces into Ukraine to battle along side the legitimate government of Ukraine against Vlad Putin. Put missiles into Poland and Ukraine aimed at Moscow and Iraq. Beef up America’s presense in Eastern Europe with America’s allies there. Reverse the degradation and disrespect against the American Military.

So the record of Vlad Putin towards America has been right on. He sees President Obama as weak on America so Vlad being a capable dictator is moving to take over Eastern Ukraine and Obama will let him have it. .


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