When the history of America’s First Black President is finally written it will be recorded President Obama Destroyed America. He did it by violating the Constitution so often that the world was stunned that he got away with it. Never has anyone destroyed so much so often and charged American’s so much. The largest Tax Increase in America’s history. Opening the borders and letting anything come into America meaning drug dealers and Terrorists. For that reason alone he should not remain in office.

Fraud is a crime especially when money is involved. Massive fraud is a felony. Obamacare is a massive fraud. A felony is a “High Crime”. The President is supposed to be removed from office for “High Crimes”

Obama’s unchecked illicit power grabs have lowered America Law to the level of a banana republic or worse. He’s evolved into a tyrant. The Republican House and the Overly-Religious  Supreme Court lack the will to oppose him. They just lack courage in the face of the tyrannical President who is tireless and relentless in his mission to destroy America starting with the founding principles of capitalism, Individual Liberty and a limited government. Even worse, the rank and file Republicans have learned to hate America and it goes without saying that the Left hates America and has been changing it for the worse for the last 100 years. .

Impeachment is to soft a penalty to impose for the massive frauds and dangers that man inflicted on an innocent America. He should lose any title or respect that has so far accrued to him. America should forget he was an American.


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