President Obama is in charge of The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  the Veterans Administration, which is a cabinet level department. For President Obama to claim as he did according to Jay Carney, that he learned about the death’s of veterans while waiting to see a doctor from the news programs is preposterous whether it’s true or not.

President Obama is extremely incompetent as President. From The Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) to the VA scandal he is incapable to manage the 152 VA hospitals. The VA is responsible to deliver HealthCare to about 9 million vets. It’s dysfunctional as is proven by the recently revealed deaths of vets.

That means the government will have the same dysfunctionality delivering health care to the other roughly 291 million non-vets.

Listen to the words of a recently retired physician Sam Foote, after working for 24 years for VA hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona, blew the whistle on the situation.  He revealed on CNN that as many as “40 patients had died after being placed on a hidden waiting list that could last for up to a year, while officials at the hospital shredded documents and faked evidence to make it seem as if waiting times were under control.”

There you have the essence of government medical care dysfunctionality: -40 patients dead out of 9 million.

Nationwide that means 1,293 people will die if healthcare is done the same way. Add in the 40 dead veterans. 1,333 dead a year from Obamacare.

As Bill Clinton would say: It’s arithmetic.

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