Election Baloney in PA.

The record for the meanest lying crazy vindictive set of election campaigns applies to three-time sore loser candidate Wanda Bechtold who (1) didn’t have enough signatures to get on the ballot for State Representative in the newly formed 102 District in Lebanon, PA; (2) was defeated in a foolish write-in campaign and will be (3) kicked off the ballot yet again as she tries to run as an independent candidate in the November Municipal election.

Wanda Bechtold is out of ideas so she must resort to the old Saul Alinsky tactic and attack Russ Diamond.

Lebanon County is the home of Russ Diamond the man who defeated “The Midnight Pay Raise” in PA; organized a state-wide effort that defeated – for the first time, a sitting Commonwealth Judge; ran for governor; helped 135 Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party Types get on the PA ballot, and (4) is the Republican candidate for the 101st State House seat in Lebanon County in PA in Novenber, 2014. 

Lebanon bologna was developed in the 19th century by the Pennsylvania Dutch of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, reflecting the slow-cured and smoked sausage traditions of northern Europe.

Lebanon b/s was developed by Wanda Bechthold.

Russ Diamond was married four times. that’s not an American Record.

America’s beloved Mickey Rooney was successfully married eight times and divorced seven. Here’s a short list of some other frequently married people.

Bonnie Lee Bakley (10)

Jennifer O’Neill, (9)

Zsa Zsa Gabor, (9),

Elizabeth Taylor, (8)

Lana Turner, (8), 

Artie Shaw, (8),

Larry King, (8),

Richard Pry0r, (8),

Jerry Lee Lewis (7),

Rue McClanahan wrote a book about her first 5 husbands. She’s been married 6 times. Hardly a record. 

Hedy Lamar, (6),

King Henry VIII, (6),

Rex Harrison, (6),

Josephine Baker, (6),

Boris Karloff, (6),

Stan Laurel, (6),

Dennis Hopper, (5),

Danielle Steel, (5),

Clark Gable, (5),

George Forman, (5),

Eva Gabor, (5),

Larry Flint, (5),

Henry Fonda, (5),

Joan Collins, (5), 

Ginger Rogers,  (5),

George C. Scott, (5),

John Houston, (5),

Rita Hayworth, (5),

Jane Wyman, (5),

Tony Curtis, (5),

Eddie Fisher, (5),

Rita Hayworth, (5),

Kenny Rogers, (5),

Martin Scorsese, (5),

Billy Bob Thornton, (5),

Geraldo Rivera, (5),  

Pamella Anderson, (4),

Ben Kingsley, (4),

Glen Campbell, (4),

Lorenzo Lamas, (4),

Peggy Lee, (4),

Earnest Hemingway,(4),

Barbara Walters, (4),

Bridgett Bardot, (4),

Jason Robards, (4),

Liza Minelli, (4),

Frank Sinatra, (4),

Janet Leigh, (4),

Louis Armstrong, (4),

Doris Day,(4),

Cheryl Tiegs, (4),

Christie Brinkley, (4).

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