If you want to help Freedom, vote for “The Three Musketeers of Bucks County Politics”. That would be Jimmy Clendennen, Jay Russell and Dan Snyder.

Push buttons #16A,  #22A, #27 A then leave the voting booth.Clendennen Campaign Photo

Why not vote for anyone else?

Because The Three Musketeers are endorsed only by the people. All other candidates are Political Insiders. They will vote the way the party wants them to vote.

The Three Republican Musketeers got themselves on the ballot by asking regular voters to sign their petitions. They can be counted on to put the people first.

Voting only for Clendennen, Russell and Snyder then leaving gives the three some special help. They each get a vote. None of the insiders get a vote. Your vote gets additional leverage because it moves them ahead by one but everyone else gets no vote.

It’s called a “BULLET VOTE”.

These three people have worked harder than any other candidate to get elected.

They don’t owe any political favors to anyone.

They deserve to win. 


Clendennen Campaign Photo

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