Most people have some kind of religion so connecting America with God is common. So is the connection of Hell with Lucifer. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, thought to be the document that founded America. Jefferson believed in God but he didn’t mention God in the Declaration. He did however mention “Natures God” which is close enough for the believers to accept it as God and far enough from God for the agnostics and atheists.

 Why bring up God?

Because the founder of Community Organizing, generally acknowledged to be Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book to the devil. “Rules For Radicals” and Alinsky went even further. He noted the tactic of: “Burn the system down”. 

Alinsky explained why the devil was the first community organizer. “Rules For Radicals” is Obama’s playbook right down to today. It calls for “Rubbing Raw the sores of discontent ”.  One of those sores no longer exists, “Slavery” and another exists in his mind but not in the law where it’s illegal: “Racism”.

Rubbing the sore of Racism is one of the cheapest tactics Obama could use because he knows it’s false but that’s how he rolls. That’s how Lucifer organized a group of angels that eventually got him his own kingdom, at least so far as the Old Testament goes. Ditto for The President. He has control of the biggest kingdom in the modern world and he’s using it to Rub The Sores Of America

Is Obama Right? Is America the hell Alinsky organized to change? Or is Obama trying to change America into a modern hell at least for his enemies?

Does the President have enemies? Are there some people he judges to be so wrong they need to change into some kind of good angels and that’s his mission? Yes and yes and a large group of his enemies are European Americans, at least as far as “Racism” is concerned and he’s not alone.

Liberals hate America just like Lucifer hated Heaven. Lucifer is lighting the way to the destruction of America just as he did when he rebelled against God.

Where is the media in Rules For Radicals? They’re like Lucifer’s Community. The bad angels who blindly follow the devil. The Progressives that at once spawned Obama and who now follow him. The Progressive ideas are the glue that binds Obama and the Media together on their assault of heaven.



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