The promise of freedom to Black South Africans still remains to be done in neighboring Zimbabwe where president for life Robert Mugabe has his country in chains. Same for many African nations where dictators or presidents for life keep their people down while engorging their Swiss bank accounts.

More Nelson Mandela’s need to rise among their people. Freedom is an elusive commodity around the globe where it’s more in fashion as a goal then a reality. Liberty requires a method of government that will allow it to exist and flourish like it used to do in America until Obama took control. Too bad Mandela stopped working for freedom. It’s great he took root in South Africa, an Eden like location that unfortunately has the wrong kinds of people and government systems.

Everyone should life bathed in Liberty but too many wrong-minded souls have different ideas. Perhaps in some distant future South Africa will achieve a non-racial Liberty. Chances are things will worsen. Why does that seem true? Look at America where more freedoms disappear daily. Liberty is hunted round the globe.   

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