Americans of past generations know about The Battle Of Bunker Hill, fought June 14th, 1776 which was won by the British. It was a pyrrhic victory. Britain lost 226 with an additional 828 wounded. The colonials lost 115 killed and 305 wounded. The colonials went on to win the Revolutionary war.

Compare that with Obamacare. Obama, Pelosi and Reid won a victory by passing Obamacare without a single Republican vote. The Republicans along with the Tea Parties will win control of the Federal Government as well as more governors, state and local elections because of Obama’s pyrrhic victory, just like the British who went on to lose America after winning at Bunker Hill.

Obamacare is a bad set of deals. The Left Wing and the Liberals are bailing from the Democratic Party.  Even the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare violates the Constitution except as a tax.

Government cannot rule, it must serve and it must serve according to the rules. Obamacare violates the rules. Even though the Supreme Court approved it as a tax, it is far more than a tax. It is controlling health care insurance which is unconstitutional. It is controlling medical care which is unconstitutional. Most of Obamacare will eventually be ruled unconstitutional and it will follow the British out of America.

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